Saudi German Hospital Cairo and Riyadh are proud members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a group of carefully vetted independent health systems that share Mayo Clinic’s goal of providing patients the care they need, close to home, and at no additional cost to the patient.

This partnership with Mayo Clinic, the #1 Hospital in the USA grants us access to a wide range of services and world-class medical expertise that help us enhance the quality of care we offer our patients.

Services our patients can benefit from:

  • eConsult service: our doctors can consult Mayo Clinic Specialists for a second opinion on the diagnosis or treatment plans for their patients.
  • eBoard service allows our doctors to connect with a multidisciplinary panel of Mayo Clinic Specialists to review complex cases.
  • Inpatient Telephone Consults allows our doctors to discuss the treatment of a hospitalized patient for semi-urgent or urgent intervention with a Mayo Clinic Specialist.
  • AskMayoExpert (AME) is an online database that can be used to help our doctors determine the need for tests or referrals in non-urgent cases.

At Saudi German Health, we care for our patients like family and are committed to offering them the highest standards of medical treatments close to home.

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