• 14/02/2022

Cardiac catheterization patient rescue

Cardiac catheterization patient rescue

After Allah the one and only thankful and with the help,  

the Cardiology department in SGH Dammam Operated by Dr. Mohamed Shahtout Intervention Cardiology Consultant and HOD, and with the help of the Cath lab team operated by Mr. M. Shaat succeeded in doing Rescue PCI in patient with Anterior STEMI and failed Thrombolytic Therapy taken in primary hospital to achieve reperfusion and the Patient presented to us Complicated with Acute Pulmonary Oedema due to Acute Heart Failure with EF: 25.  

Once the Patient arrives to our ER Department, we sent him immediately to the Cath lab for RESCUE PCI... 


The CAG revealed LAD mid segment Acute total Occlusion ATO, LCX Multiple lesions from its origin ranging from 70-85%, RCA is CTO after small proximal stump. 


And due to the criticality of the Patient condition Dr Shahtout and his team decided to open all vessels in attempt to save patient life after Allah and salvage the myocardium. 

LAD ATO which was the Culprit vessel was opened within 20 minutes from patient arrival to our hospital, then the team leaded by Dr.Shahtout succeeded with the help of Allah and the availability of the most advanced tools in the world needed for treating CTO Lesions from wires, microcatheters, balloons, stents, etc. which considered the best and most fashionable and highest quality worldwide we succeeded to open the RCA-CTO and we used "Antegrade STAR Technique with retrograde injection from left system for proper mapping of the RCA Course." 


Finally, we succeeded to open the the whole LCX, and with that we succeeded to totally revascularize the heart and Patient was discharged 2 days after PCI in a very healthy and stable condition with pulmonary oedema completely resolved and myocardium function raised to more than 40. 


After thanking Allah, I would like to thank and send my deepest gratitude to SGH Corporate, SGH-DAMMAM Higher Admin, and all my colleague Doctors, nurses, staff who works with me in such great institute which I am really proud to be part of it...