• 10/01/2022
  • 31/01/2023

Successfully rescuing a patient from renal failure

renal failure

Ending the suffering of a renal failure patient successfully, and here are the details.

The case:

A 47-year-old patient with acute renal failure was receiving treatment in many government and private hospitals and without improvement and his condition was rejected by many hospitals.

When he arrived, a team of emergency doctors, intensive care doctors, and nephrologists & urologists received him.

The diagnosis:

An acute renal failure with increase in kidney function to 30 mg, which should not exceed 1.2 mg.

And there was a obstruction e in the only working kidney, and the other kidney was at out of function (atrophic).

The challenges:

This a cute was expected not to return to normal kidney function again.

 Technologies used:

Dialysis was performed for the patient & then transferred to intensive care unit after two dialysis sessions, and the Kidney partial improve.

 The investigation showed that there was a obstruction in the, so a local nephrotomy  was fexed with a local anesthetic on the only working Kidney, and then the functions improved and the kidneys returned to normal, then a large stone was seen at the top of the ureter and another one at the bottom of the ureter, and treated by laser lethargy with flexible URS successfully. The stones causing obstruction and kidney failure were fragmented up using flexible URS with laser technology with an internal stent placed without surgery.

The patient was discharged safely after the kidney function returned to normal.