Dr. Batool Al Zaher

Batool Al Zaher, Clinical nutrition specialist, at the Saudi German Hospital, Dammam.
Specialized in Clinical Nutrition for Diabetic patients and blood pressure patients and heart disease patients, Clinical Nutrition for gastrointestinal patients, Clinical Nutrition for intensive care unit patients, Clinical Nutrition for post Bariatric Surgery, Develop Nutritional Programs with the use of Saxenda needles, Develop nutritional programmers during pregnancy, Follow up for cases of weight gain and loss.


Doctor can help with

  • Post-Bariatric surgery diet plans
  • Diets for diabetics children and adults
  • Diets for obese and thin patients
  • Diets for intensive care patients
  • Diets for pregnant women
  • Diets for heart patients

Professional Journey

  • Clinical nutrition specialist at the intensive care unit

  • Diabetes Education Certificate

  • Follow-up certificate before and after sleeve gastrectomy operations

  • Certificate of Therapeutic Nutrition in Genetic Nutrition

  • Bachelor of Clinical Nutrition from Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University

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