Dr. Ranya Al-Harazi

Doctor Ranya Al-Harazi Ob -Gyne Consultant at the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam.
European Board in obstetrics & gynecology.
Specialist in pregnancy follow-up & delivery, Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery, Menstrual disorder & Aesthetic Female Genital Surgery.

Doctor can help with

  • O shot ( PRP injection for G spot)
  • PRP for vaginal rejuvenation
  • PRP for episiotomy scar
  • G shot ( filler injection for G spot )
  • Botox injection for vaginismus
  • Carboxy therapy for stretch marks
  • Carboxy therapy for cesarean scar
  • Carboxy therapy for episiotomy scar
  • Vaginoperineoplasty

Professional Journey

  • Worked in National Guard Hospital

  • Assistant consultant in King Abdul-Aziz Hospital for national guard

  • Associate Consultant in Imam Abdurrahman bin Faisal Hospital for national guard


  • MBBS from University of Science and technology

  • Arab Board in obstetrics and gynecology from National Guard hospital

  • Saudi Board in OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY from National Guard hospital

  • European Board in OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY

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